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Interactive Suction Cup Chew Toy

  • Dog Exercise -This interactive dog suction cup toy appeals to your pet with a bright look. Keep your pets on standby for a long time, stop them from chewing your shoes and furniture, and encourage dogs to do more exercise to prevent them from gaining weight and having a healthy body.

  • High-Quality Materials -The suction toy dog cup includes balls, suction cups, and ropes, is made of food-grade TPR material, has good elasticity, and bite resistance, is non-toxic, and is soft, durable, and wear-resistant, like rubber and plastic.

  • Promote Oral Health -dog pulls toy suction cup It can be a game toy or a tooth cleaning toy. Helps keep teeth clean and fresh. Chewing this ball helps keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy. Not only can it remove harmful plaques that can cause gum disease, but it can also relieve toothache.

  • Robust -dog tug toy suction cup chew toy is more fun for your pet than other ordinary ball or rope toys, is great for tug of war, and can make your dog play for a few more hours. It won't return to your furniture, and you don't have to worry about your pets biting it again.

  • Multifunctional Toy - dog tug of war toy suction cup When throwing the ball to the ground, the ball toy will fly high, so they are suitable for playing in the yard, home, park, or on the shore. This pet chew toy has a suction cup and Chew balls that can stick to the floor. High elasticity and durability, suitable for smooth surfaces with strong suction, such as tiles, floors, and glass.

Customer Reviews

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Very Strong Suction Power

This is a good toy that is well made and durable. It's nice to just let my dog occupy herself and waste all that energy.
The rubbery suction works very well. You get a lot of suction power which can even adhere to fine textured tile. Smooth surfaces are best though.

Toy for my high energy baby

My dog likes to play tug of war and chew up all the toys I bought for him. The large food leaking squeaky ball and the durable nylon rope seems like they will last. My puppy was really occupied with this toy and we love this! Value for the price and sturdy suction cup. Highly recommended.


Great, sturdy toy. I'll be purchasing one for my grand dog.